Mexico is the most southern country located on the continent of North America, to its south it borders Central America and is often regarded the most northern Latin American country.


Spanish; over 30 Native languages

Common Religions:

Catholic (with Amerindian elements); various Protestant churches. Between 90 and 95 percent of the Mexican people are Catholics.

Problems for people here:

Much of PIME’s work here has been related to the silent suffering of indigenous Mexicans. Missionaries had spent many years trying to provide indigenous communities with modern education, healthcare, and amenities. One of PIME’s Missionaries even put together a translation of the native Mixtec language to Spanish. However, due to death threats received from drug traffickers, PIME was forced out of this area. Missionaries now focus their attention on the Cardboard City that exists on the outskirts of Mexico City: a slum that is now occupied by refugees and others seeking to stow away on the train that travels to the US, which is also occupied by many indigenous. This area is one of the poorest in all the country, earning its name as many of the domiciles here are constructed illegally out of found materials.

How PIME helps the mission here:

PIME previously worked with the indigenous in isolated communities to ensure that they had clean water, electricity, and medical aid. Now, PIME works with people in an urban context in the Cardboard City outside Mexico City. As this mission is relatively new, PIME Missionaries here focus on living amongst the people and administering the Sacraments.