Serving, Not Saving

Any charitable missionary work that we commit ourselves to is done with a sustainable future in mind, and a constant respect for local cultures and established religions.

Put simply, we provide the humanitarian aid that our charitable supporters fund in order to help the least fortunate, all while promoting dialogue. We do not enter isolated communities to establish a dependence on our aid and the funding of our supporters; rather, we go where others will not in order to deliver the mercy that modern relief efforts can provide. Any evangelization that takes place is done at the request of those aided. We serve as witnesses of His love and mercy; we leave the rest to Him.

We Do It Together

The driving idea behind the work that a PIME Missionary does is the foundation of new Catholic communities. These communities will be encompassed by Christ’s light, and eager to share it with their neighbors through their own charity. Since PIME was founded in 1850 this has been the case, with the original community in Milan, and the surrounding area. The PIME Missionaries never went to a foreign and isolated land alone, they did so with the support of people at home, passionate about Christ’s teachings; who wanted nothing more than to share his charity all around the world. The ideology of evangelizing passively through witnessing God’s love, charity, and understanding is something that sets us apart from the rest. It’s true: we can’t help others without you! 

A PIME Missionary’s Commitment

We are Catholic Priests and Brothers who dedicate ourselves to be lifelong messengers of the Gospel to those who have not yet heard the Word of God. PIME stands for the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions in Latin. P.I.M.E., founded in Italy in 1850, is an International Society of Apostolic Life with about 500 members in 19 countries. The United States region and Mission Center focuses on being at the service of the Church both locally and globally. We strive to be creative in our presence and witness as we engage in the promotion of dialogue among people of all religions and cultures. In 19 countries worldwide, we invest ourselves in service of those who need it most in areas of the world too isolated or inhospitable for others: from digging wells for clean water to working to abolish human trafficking. Our ministries include the foundation of schools, hospitals and clinics, orphanages, and founding new Catholic communities and providing their pastoral care. 

We Go Where Others Will Not

A mission as diverse as the countries of the world requires an international, diverse organization to accomplish the task. PIME Missionaries hail from all around the world, often coming from the communities that PIME has founded. From the complicated spiritual needs in the megalopolis of Tokyo, Japan, to the essential survival needs of the isolated rainforest of Amapá, Brazil; what is required of a missionary changes from mission to mission. Whatever the need, no matter how great or small, we go where God calls us, we answer His greatest and final request: to “go and make disciples of all nations”.

Catholic Missionaries caring for and developing communities around the world