Ivory Coast


Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire) is a roughly square-shaped country in West Africa, located on the Gulf of Guinea. Covering 124,500 square miles, it is slightly larger than the state of New Mexico.


Approximately 60 ethnic languages, including Akan; Mandé; Gur (Voltaic); Kru; Dioula (the most widely spoken); Baoulé (Akan); Sénoufo (Voltaic); Yacouba (south Mandé); French (official language)

Common Religions:

Islam; Christianity (both incorporate traditional indigenous beliefs). About 17% of the population is Catholic.

Problems for people here:

Like other African nations, Ivory Coast faces a refugee crisis that only adds to an existing unemployment and poverty issue. The presence of Extremist groups in the region has only begun to threaten the way of life here, in more ways than just violence. Groups have been targeting the less fortunate in order to recruit them. Many have taken to joining up with these bands, as a future of death and violence is preferable to none at all. Decent healthcare, clean water and nutritious food are all common problems that lead to high crime rates. In addition to all these problems, Ivory Coast still suffers from one of the highest rates of AIDS and HIV infection in all of Africa.

How PIME helps the mission here:

PIME works with youth to educate them in marketable trades in order to keep them from having to resort to crime and violence in order to avoid starvation. Much of PIME ‘s priority has been focused on developing the small Catholic communities of the country in order to provide them with gathering spaces, and to make them self-sufficient.