Italy is in south central Europe. It consists of a peninsula shaped like a high–heeled boot and several islands, encompassing 116,300 square miles (301,200 square kilometers). The most important of the islands are Sicily in the south and Sardinia in the northwest. The Mediterranean Sea is to the south, and the Alps to the north.


The official language is Italian. Various “dialects” are spoken, but Italian is taught in school and used in government.

Common Religions:

Ninety percent of the population is Roman Catholic. The other 2 percent is mainly comprised of Jews, along with some Muslims and Orthodox and Eastern Rite Catholics.

Problems for people here:

How PIME helps the mission here:

Since founding the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions in Milan back in 1850, PIME has become synonymous with “Mission” in Italy, and this is with good reason. Supporting the Missions has become a process that is far more complicated than simply raising funds for projects. PIME in Italy helps to spread total mission awareness, they strive to educate the next generation, as well as the current ones, about missionary stewardship. This education focuses on how to open up to different cultures, how to have responsible yet open inter-religious dialogue, and caring for the planet for those who cannot do so themselves. PIME strives to create a new generation of charitable and fully developed individuals, to ensure that the development and defense of the missions continues for generations to come.