Guinea Bissau


Guinea Bissau is a west-African country that declared its independence from Portugal in 1973.


Portuguese; Crioulo da Guiné-Bissau (Creole). French is taught in schools, as well, because the country is surrounded by French-speaking nations.

Common Religions:

Muslim (50%); Christian (10%) and indigenous beliefs. Many people practice syncretic forms of Islamic and Christian faiths, combining their practices with traditional African beliefs.

Problems for people here:

Guinea Bissau faces problems that are very similar to the other African countries where PIME is present. Education and healthcare can be hard to come by, or not affordable. Clean water is still an issue, and survival can be difficult in many regions of the country. Illiteracy is a common issue, and many children struggle with speaking Portuguese in school as many speak Creole.

How PIME helps the mission here:

Radio Sol Mansi was begun by a PIME Missionary in order to remove the knowledge barrier that previously existed in the country. The program means to educate all who would listen to it, about a variety of subjects. Missionaries also help to bridge the education gap in schools, making sure that programs are properly developed with even the most remote communities in mind.