Cambodia is a small country, about the size of the state of Oregon



Common Religions:

Theravada Buddhism; Islam; Catholicism (There are around 20,000 Catholics in Cambodia which represents 0.15% of the total population); traditional beliefs; Taoism.

Problems for people here:

During the Khmer Rouge regime (1975–78), human and civil rights in Cambodia were nonexistent. The abject horrors perpetrated in those years left many with nothing: no loved ones, no property, and no money etc. PIME works in both the rural communities and the capital of Phnom Penh. Education is a common problem throughout this part of Asia as many children’s families cannot afford it, or they cannot afford the child not working to help the family. PIME Missionaries often travel great distances between the parishes that they manage, which can even include communities that exist entirely on the water.

How PIME helps the mission here:

Being disabled in Buddhist countries is especially difficult due to the karma-stigma that is placed upon them. PIME works with children who have disabilities, focusing on their cognitive and intellectual development, while also working to abolish the stigma that is placed on their condition. Education of all disadvantaged children in the country is a priority for PIME, much like in many Asian countries where we are present. PIME also helps to further the development of women in the country through trade-education programs.