Brazil is the fourth-largest country in the world in area. Its land mass is equal to that of the contiguous United States.



Common Religions:

Catholicism; Protestantism; Afro-Brazilian religions; indigenous beliefs. While many Brazilians are practicing Catholics, these beliefs are often infused by traditional practices.

Problems for people here:

The financial chasm between the upper class and the poor is seen throughout the sprawling cities of the country. Where some live in towering skyscrapers in São Paulo, others live in straw huts, in abject poverty, along the banks of the Amazon River. A lack of proper medical aid, education, and housing is common between the poor of the cities and the rural expense of Brazil. The hopelessness caused by these missing structures lead many to crime, drugs, or selling their bodies. Corporations are also renowned for taking advantage of the country’s people and natural resources, while the government often turns a blind eye.

How PIME helps the mission here:

The PIME Missions of Brazil adapt to the wildly different landscapes of the country: along the Amazon missionaries travel great distances by boat and car just to deliver the sacraments to a village once per month; in the cities missionaries head 10 or more parishes, caring for massive flocks; still other missionaries do a bit of both depending on the need. In addition to this direct evangelization, PIME in Brazil produces many publications and elementary school plans, spreading tolerance and mission awareness.

In the past PIME had completed medical projects to ensure that people in the River communities had clinics to go to for care. Most recently, PIME has purchased 4×4 vehicles for Missionaries to be able to travel to distance villages for the Sacraments.