Northwest Africa (the Maghrib)


Arabic; Berber; French

Common Religions:

State Religion is Islam (Sunni Muslim). Less than 1% of the population is Christian.

Problems for people here:

Algerian law strictly prohibits proselytization, even though the country has a historical, Christian presence. Any PIME Missionaries living in the country do not actively evangelize because of these laws. Rather, they live in communion with the people, focused on social justice and equality for the people, and being a witness of Christ’s love and charity through their actions and friendships. Although violence has not been perpetrated against Christians in some time, the threat is ever-present.

In addition to these historical problems, Algeria faces similar problems to that of the rest of the countries on the African continent: a recent influx of refugees displaced by violence.

How PIME helps the mission here:

Due to the socio-political state of the country, PIME has not been able to start any projects in Algeria, and merely maintains a presence of understanding in the country.