Virtual Stations of the Cross

Week 3: 3/07/24


The Eighth Station: Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem

Fr. Pierre Bouiada Bouba, PIME

Originally from Cameroon, Fr. Pierre was inspired to the PIME Missionary Priesthood by the presence of the missionaries in his village. In 2023, Fr. Pierre was ordained a PIME Priest, and is currently in the United States studying English before he makes his way to his Mission Assignment of Thailand.


The Ninth Station: Jesus Falls the Third Time

Fr. Simone Caelli, PIME

Pastor of Mary Queen of Apostles Parish in Parañaque in the Philippines, Fr. Simone is an exuberant PIME Missionary who often adapts to the need of his parishioners and anyone in need in his mission. He has done everything from Coronavirus aid distribution and new chapel building, to masses in alleyways and wherever Christ is needed.


The Tenth Station: Jesus is Stripped of His Garments

Fr. Anand Krishna Mikkili, PIME

An Indian PIME Missionary serving in the Ivory Coast, Fr. Anand serves the people of his parish, St. Anthony of Padua, as well as that of the area surrounding his mission in Ouassadougou.

Fr Paolo Salamone Pic Web

The Eleventh Station: Jesus is Nailed to the Cross


Fr. Paolo Salamone, PIME

Fr. Paolo Salamone, PIME, runs a hostel in the isolated mountains of Northern Thailand that is directly supported by the PIME Sponsorships at a Distance Program. Children hosted by the hostel come from far away tribal villages in order to receive an education that they would not receive at home.

Featured Project:

The PIME Sponsorships at a Distance Program

Through the PIME Sponsorships at a Distance program, PIME Missionaries and Sponsors in the U.S. give the opportunity for a better life to kids like the pictured children from Fr. Paolo’s hostel in Ban Thoet Thai, Thailand.

For only $20/month you can provide an education and safe housing to a child seeking to change their future.