Week 1: 3/01/23


Fr. Daniele Criscione, PIME

As US Mission Center Director, Fr. Daniele has taken up a pivotal role in sharing the global reality of the missions through technology. A takeaway from his time in youth spiritual animation in Italy, he is no stranger to using technology for evangelization. Fr. Daniele saw the possibility, provided by Zoom, to join our friends closer than ever before with PIME Missionaries around the world. Now, over distances that once seemed immeasurable, our missionaries can join our families at home in prayer.

The First Station: Jesus is Condemned to Death

Sr. Roberta Pignone, MDI-PIME

Missionary Sister of the Immaculate – PIME Sister and medical doctor, Sr. Roberta runs an entire hospital, and several surrounding clinics, in the city of Khulna, Bangladesh. Here she cares for the poor and forgotten of the city - especially those who suffer from Hansen’s Disease (Leprosy) and Tuberculosis. 

The Second Station: Jesus is made to Carry His Cross

Fr. Anand Mikkili, PIME

A Councilor for the PIME Mission in Ivory Coast, Fr. Anand serves the people of his parish, St. Anthony of Padua, as well as that of the area surrounding his mission in Ouassadougou.

The Third Station: Jesus Falls the First Time

Bro. Alessandro Albani, PIME

Brother Alessandro uses a background in therapy to work in the rehabilitation of individuals living with impairments. He works with children living with disabilities at the PIME-founded Bethlehem Foundation Center in his mission of Cameroon. Here, he uses this skill set to assist with the education and rehabilitation programs that the center offers.

Featured Project:

Medication for Leprosy & Tuberculosis Patients Khulna, Bangladesh

Last year, PIME US Supporters helped Sr. Roberta stock a new dispensary with medications, helping her to raise those who desperately needed them.

Sr. Roberta’s dispensaries will continue to need annual support of $11,000 in order to maintain this vital assistance to the most vulnerable.