Virtual Stations of the Cross

Week 1: 2/22/24



Fr. Daniele Criscione, PIME

As US Mission Center Director, Fr. Daniele has taken up a pivotal role in sharing the global reality of the missions through technology. A takeaway from his time in youth spiritual animation in Italy, he is no stranger to using technology for evangelization. Fr. Daniele saw the possibility, provided by Zoom, to join our friends closer than ever before with PIME Missionaries around the world. Now, over distances that once seemed immeasurable, our missionaries can join our families at home in prayer.


The First Station: Jesus is Condemned to Death

Sr. Chiara Colombo, MDI-PIME

Sr. Chiara Colombo is a MDI-PIME Sister serving in Papua New Guinea. Sr. Chiara works to train catechists, kindergarten teachers, and for the educational enrichment of the youngest of the Mission in Papua New Guinea.


The Second Station: Jesus is made to Carry His Cross

Fr. Fabio Favata, PIME


PIME Missionary and pastor of St. Patrick's Parish in Hong Kong, Fr. Fabio is a teacher and also helps others through counseling. As with many PIME Missionaries in Hong Kong, his primary focus is to be a charitable witness of Christ.


The Third Station: Jesus Falls the First Time

Fr. Carlos Carmona, PIME

Fr. Carlos Carmona Castro is a Mexican PIME Missionary serving in Brazil. Fr. Carlos works with Fr. Raul Bonte Có, PIME, serving Our Lady of Navigators Parish, which is made up of 121 communities on the Amazon River that the pair reach solely by boat.

Featured Project:

Help Provide Security for Girls’ Hostel in Papua New Guinea

Opened in 2010, the girls’ hostel for students seeking a safe place to stay while attending high school in Port Moresby transmits Christian values to its residents and keeps them secure from an increase in crime outside its walls. Walls - a metal fence - that has been the subject of threats and violence from those in the street outside recently.

Sr. Chiara Colombo, MDI-PIME, is seeking support to help fortify this fence-line to provide better security for the girls and Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate inside - especially at night.