Virtual Stations of the Cross

Week 4: 3/14/24


The Twelfth Station: Jesus Dies on the Cross

Sr. Roberta PIgnone, MDI-PIME


Missionary Sister of the Immaculate – PIME Sister and medical doctor, Sr. Roberta runs an entire hospital, and several surrounding clinics, in the city of Khulna, Bangladesh. Here she cares for the poor and forgotten of the city - especially those who suffer from Hansen’s Disease (Leprosy) and Tuberculosis.


The Thirteenth Station: Jesus is Taken Down from the Cross

Sr. Chiara Ubbiali, MDI-PIME

Recently making her Final Promise, Sr. Chiara Ubbiali, MDI-PIME, serves in her home country, in the complicated presence in Pozzuoli. Here, in this domestic presence kept by the Missionary Sisters of the Imaculate, she and her fellow sisters are present among the inmates of the women's prison, work with disabled people and their families, serve the children of the area, and participate in prayer with women and neighbors - ofter giving them material aid.


The Fourteenth Station: Jesus is Placed in the Tomb

Fr. Ace Valdez, PIME

A PIME Missionary from the Philippines, Fr. Ace serves in one of the most populated cities of the world: São Paulo, Brazil. Here, he focuses on missionary outreach and animation, with the hope of guiding more young people who are being called to the missionary vocation.


The Fifteenth Station: The Resurrection

Fr. Mateus, PIME

Fr. Mateus is a Brazilian-born PIME Missionary currently serving in India. Much of his work involves helping to raise funding to educate children who would not otherwise be able to afford it – those from poor families, orphans, and other street children.

Featured Project:

Medication for Leprosy & Tuberculosis Patients

Sr. Roberta Pignone is a Missionary Sister of the Immaculate and medical doctor. who works amid the poor in the slums of the Diocese of Khulna in Bangladesh. In addition to a small 33-bed hospital, 3 clinics, and 15 TB control centers, the work of Sr. Roberta involves intensive outreach efforts crisscrossing the streets of Khulna.

In 2021 and 2022, PIME USA supporters helped Sr. Roberta stock a new dispensary with medications for her TB and leprosy patients. Sr. Roberta and especially her patients are grateful to their PIME USA supporters for this life-saving help.