Fr. Vendramin, late PIME Missionary in Cambodia

Fr. Vendramin, the first PIME Missionary in Phnom Penh after Pol Pot

By AsiaNews In 1990, Mother Teresa’s nuns asked him to stay with them to celebrate Mass. The PIME Missionary, as soon as he arrived he wrote, “The whole of Cambodia has been reduced to a forced labor camp.” For 30 years, he accompanied the rebirth of the small local Church. The Catholic Church of Cambodia […]


From the World, For the World

By Gabriele Monaco This year’s new PIME Missionaries – some will be ordained on Saturday June 12th in the Milan Cathedral with the rest in their own dioceses – they come from Africa, South America, and Asia. Two of these new missionaries are originally from Myanmar and are destined for China. They tell us their […]