Bring Positive Change this Advent with the PIME Missionaries

Help us to give the gift of permanent and sustainable change this Advent Season. Join us in our work this to prepare hearts for the coming of the Lord this Christmas, in 19 countries by proclaiming the Gospel; feeding abandoned babies; digging wells for communities; and providing isolated children with housing and education through the PIME Mission Development Projects and Sponsorships at a Distance Programs.

Become a Sponsor - Change a Life

PIME Sponsors give children, youth, seminarians, or people with disabilities the opportunity at a better life - one they wouldn't have had otherwise.

For only $20 a month, you can provide food, education, and housing for a child in need through our PIME Sponsorships at a Distance Program.


Support a Project - Impact a Community

Our PIME Mission Development Projects Program provides help for people living in desperate conditions in 19 countries worldwide.

By providing nutritious food, clean water, or even places of worship or education to communities, PIME Projects bring positive change to communities. This program impacts lives now and in the future.

Want to read more about these life-changing programs and those who make them a reality?

Join us in the pages of Mission World magazine - the official publication of the PIME Missionaries in the United States - where we interviewed 10 PIME Missionaries (2 each issue) who manage the missions and projects that received a portion of the $1,000,000 in PIME U.S. Support in 2022.

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