Serata 2021

Project Impact

COVID-19 Control:

St. Vincent Hospital in Dinajpur, Bangladesh

The St. Vincent Hospital, founded by the PIME Missionaries in 1957, serves the poorest of the poor in the Dinajpur area of Bangladesh. The hospital sees nearly 22,000 patients a year and anywhere near 3,500 patients could be hospitalized annually. Large amounts of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are needed for both staff and patients.

Addiction Recovery Treatment in Dhaka

3,000 people sought treatment at this 12 steps club in the past year. Home to the first Alcoholics Anonymous rehabilitation club in Bangladesh, this PIME-supported rehab facility hosts both AA and Narcotics Anonymous programs.

Evangelization and Catechetical Formation

Due to the rural nature of some areas of the country and the small number of Catholics distributed over this area, seven PIME parishes encompass 190 villages. As such, to prepare nearly 900 catechumens to receive baptism, and for Christian faith formation, Religious education items are desperately needed.

Youth groups and Vocations Discernment in Bangladesh

The Samuel Program is designed to help young people in Dhaka to discover their vocation through spiritual direction. The Blessed John Mazzuconni Community in Dinajpur and the Blessed Paul Manna Formation House in Dhaka help those discerning the priesthood. Publications materials are needed to spread the word among Christian youth and young adults.