A Humanitarian Aid Crisis in Chad

Armed fighting in Sudan has driven an estimated 100,000 people – mostly women and children – from their homes and created a humanitarian aid crisis in neighboring Chad, where they have fled.

PIME Missionary, Brother Fabio Mussi, is working with the Apostolic Vicariate and Caritas of Mongo seeking emergency support to provide food, shelter, and water to these people that desperately need them. Will you support our effort to care for 1,000 families of refugees from this violent conflict? 

Help Us Change Lives for Good

The PIME Mission Development Projects program seeks to give groups of the isolated, ignored, or impoverished the foundation to become independent, Catholic communities. Our PIME Missionaries share the message of the Gospel through merciful acts of charity and by being living witnesses of his kindness and love of Christ.

Want to make a lasting impact on those who need your help and charity the most? Become a supporter of a PIME Mission Development Project and make a difference in a life that will be felt for generations. 

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