Reaching a long-term goal of giving

In 2022, the U.S. PIME Mission Center sent over $1,000,000 of support of 62 projects for PIME Missions in 15 countries across the world. PIME Mission Development Projects aid the communities where our missionary priests, brothers, and sisters serve by providing for things like education, medication, food, water, and even emergency needs. Support also went towards funding our PIME Sponsorships at a Distance program, which helps educate and house the most vulnerable, in some countries.

Watch the video for more information or click on a country in the map below to see the impact on the missions there, and how you can still help those who need it most!

One Million Thanks Project Map

Click on a country in the map below to find out more about the projects benefitted, and how you can still help!

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How was the $1 Million in Aid Used?

PIME Sponsorships at a Distance Program-$382,158.11

In 2022 alone, PIME Sponsors sent $56,440.99 of support for 269 children, youth, and disabled Sponsorships in India alone - a portion of these funds also went towards the education of seminarians to fund their path to the priesthood. PIME Sponsors often provide direly needed food, shelter, and education for those who would not otherwise receive it, and be forced to live on the streets. 

How was the $1 Million in Aid Used?

Chapel Projects: $137,270.00

Projects like - A Chapel for St. Joseph's Outstation in Papua New Guinea

Fr. Ralph Jasawala, PIME Missionary in Papua New Guinea, was looking for $20,769.22 to construct St. Joseph’s Chapel for the community of Kurumlang, located on the isolated Island of Karkar. This new chapel would directly benefit some 300 Catholic families living in the island community. 

How was the $1 Million in Aid Used?

Education & Pastoral Projects: $225, 591.00

Projects like - Support for Community Coordinators in the Amazon

Fr. Raul Bonte Có, PIME, was looking for $14,861 annually to provide for the expenses of the community coordinators of his mission, on the Amazon River. These coordinators will support 121 Christian communities, for a total of about 20,000 faithful, along this challenging and isolated geographical area of the Amazon. 

How was the $1 Million in Aid Used?

Food/Water/Energy Projects: $111,938.00

Projects like - Food for "The Creche" Nursery - The Bethlehem Foundation

PIME Lay Missionary, Francesca Bellotta, works in The Crèche – a part of the Bethlehem Foundation which cares for the youngest and most vulnerable orphaned babies and sick children. The PIME US Mission Center provided her with $22,478 for the nutritional needs of these little ones.

How was the $1 Million in Aid Used?

Medical Projects: $164,321.00

Projects like - Medications, Food, Testing & Transport for Patients

Medical Doctor and Missionary Sister of the Immaculate, Sr. Roberta Pignone, received $25,000 for the purchase of desperately needed medications, food, testing equipment, and transportation for her clinic in Khulna, Bangladesh. Sr. Roberta’s clinic addresses the needs of the extremely impoverished of the area suffering from tuberculosis, leprosy, and other diseases.  

How was the $1 Million in Aid Used?

Emergency Projects: $770.85

Projects like - Medications, Food, Testing & Transport for Patients

As the people of Myanmar continue to struggle with ongoing unrest - since a military coup in 2021 – and the impact of COVID-19 on the population, additional emergency aid of $770.85 was dispersed to support those struggling. 

PIME Mission Development Projects

Our Mission Development Projects are the building blocks that make up the foundation of genuine, Catholic communities that our missionaries form around the world.

PIME Mission Development Projects are focused on sustainable needs - both physical and spiritual - helping to provide for the well-being of the current generation and future one.

These projects help provide for the most vital needs of a mission by making clean water, sustainable food, medical necessities and other fundamentals available to disadvantaged communities. Once a community’s physical needs are met, they can thrive spiritually and make the choice to be authentic Catholics; spreading the Good News themselves.

PIME Sponsorships at a Distance

Across the world, there are several countries where a proper education is not provided by the government. Children and youth are overlooked in these countries and most families are unable to provide a better future for their youngest members. Similarly, those living with disabilities are often left to their own devices due to social stigmas or a lack of proper infrastructure. These are the places and people that our PIME Missionaries serve and that you can help.

PIME Sponsors provide education, housing, food, and other needs for the most vulnerable.

You can sponsor a child, youth, or someone with disabilities for just $20, $25, or $30 a month. For the cost of a streaming service subscription, you can change someone’s life permanently. Not only can you aid the most vulnerable, but also – for $250 a quarter – you can sponsor a native seminarian on his path to the priesthood.

Want to read more about these life-changing programs and those who make them a reality?

Join us in the pages of Mission World magazine - the official publication of the PIME Missionaries in the United States - as we interview 5 PIME Priests and PIME Sisters (2 each issue) who manage the missions and projects that received this tremendous aid in our 2023 series.