Meet Our US PIME Missionaries

Fr. Ken Mazur, PIME

PIME US Superior
Fr. Ken Mazur is a native of Detroit and is as much a fan of the city as he is the Tigers or the Michigan Wolverines. Ordained in 1982, he received his mission assignment of Japan in 1991, and spent 13 years serving in the Tokyo Metropolitan area. In 2004, Fr. Ken returned to the US to serve as Mission Center Director and then was elected to the office of Superior in 2005. He served in this position until his term ended in 2015. He then became Pastor of St. Mary Cause of Our Joy in Westland, Michigan, until 2019, when he was once again elected to serve as Superior of the PIME Missionaries in the United States.

Fr. Daniele Criscione, PIME

US Mission Center Director
Fr. Daniele Criscione is a native of Ragusa, in southeast Sicily, Italy. He is the Mission Center Director in our PIME offices in Detroit and serves to bridge the connection between our supporters in the U.S., and those who desperately need our help in the missions. Fr. Daniele’s path to the priesthood is a unique one, as just after he was ordained a deacon in 2011, he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Leukemia known as AML. He likes to think of himself as “American on the inside” as a bone marrow transplant from a donor in Los Angeles saved his life. In 2013, Fr. Daniele was ordained a PIME Priest and was given his mission assignment in Detroit four years later. His outgoing personality and love for sharing God’s word are often on display as he leads our PIME events, or when he fills in saying masses around the Detroit area.

Fr. Dennis Koltz, PIME

US Treasurer
A native of the Pittsburgh area, Fr. Dennis Koltz has spent nearly three decades devoted to the people of his mission assignment of Brazil. Working for the Diocese of Macapá, and the people of the State of Amapá, Fr. Dennis fought to uphold the territorial rights of poor farmers and the indigenous population against large agricultural corporations. Currently, he is back in the United States and serving as the Treasurer for the U.S. Delegation.

Fr. Marco Brioschi, PIME

US Delegation Councilor
Originating from Milan, Fr. Marco Brioschi spent five years in Taiwan before being assigned to the Philippines. Fr. Marco learned several languages to serve in these two missions, something that would prove beneficial to his ministry in the U.S., where he arrived in 2015. Originally serving Chinese parishioners, Fr. Marco now works with the Spanish-speaking population of St. Anne-St. Lucy in Brooklyn, N.Y., alongside Fr. Vijay Marneni, PIME.

Fr. Philip Mayfield, PIME

US Delegation Councilor
A native of Detroit, Fr. Phil Mayfield served in difficult conditions for 18 years as one of a handful of PIME Missionaries sent to reopen PIME’s Mission in Papua New Guinea in 1985 – 100 years had passed since its closure. Upon returning home, Fr. Phil has served in numerous positions with PIME in the United States. He now primarily focuses on local ministry, while also traveling around the country spreading the message of the needs of our PIME missions.

Fr. Bruno Piccolo, PIME

US PIME Missionary Priest
Fr. Bruno Piccolo is originally from Loreggia, Italy, but was ordained in Memphis, Michigan, at the former PIME Collegiate Seminary, Maryglade. Fr. Bruno’s history as a PIME Priest is closely tied to that of PIME in the United States, as he has spent a cumulative total of 37 years in the country at the date of our 75th Anniversary (2022). His Mission Assignment was the Philippines but he has also served in Italy and Mexico. Fr. Bruno returned to the U.S. in 2017 to assist with the Spanish-speaking parishioners of St. Ann-St. Lucy in Harlem, and is now back in Detroit ministering to its surrounding area.

Fr. Dino Vanin, PIME

US PIME Missionary Priest
Fr. Dino Vanin was born in Treviso, Italy , and entered the PIME Seminary in his hometown at a young age. He came to the U.S. in 1968 to study Theology and was ordained in 1972. He served at the former PIME High School Seminary in Newark, Ohio, before being sent to the missions of Thailand, where he spent six years. Upon returning to the U.S. in 1992, Fr. Dino ministered in the Detroit area, specifically at San Francesco Catholic Church in Clinton Township, where he was installed as Pastor on December 16, 2018. Fr. Dino also served as PIME US Treasurer for many years. In his spare time, Fr. Dino lends his time to his other vocation: carpentry.

Fr. George Berendt, PIME

US PIME Missionary Priest
Fr. George Berendt is a native of Detroit, where he first felt called to the PIME Priesthood. After he was ordained in 1974, he received his Mission Assignment of Japan. During his 10 years in the country, Fr. George learned the complicated Japanese language while being a witness of Catholicism. Since his return to the U.S., Fr. George has served in many different capacities nationally and internationally – traveling to various missions – all with the focus of spreading the cause of those in need.

Fr. Guy Snyder, PIME

US PIME Missionary Priest
Hailing from Toledo, Ohio, Fr. Guy Snyder came to know PIME from a young age attending the former PIME High School Seminary in Newark, Ohio. After he was ordained in 1998, Fr. Guy served the Spanish-speaking faithful of the Detroit area for years before receiving his Mission Assignment of Brazil. In the sprawling city of Manaus, he led his parish with an exuberant joy that was infectious. He is back in the United States to begin ministry among Brazilian immigrants on the East Coast.

Fr. Vijay Marneni, PIME

US PIME Missionary Priest
Originally from Nalgonda, India, Fr. Vijay Marneni was ordained a PIME Priest in 2004. Three years later he received his Mission Assignment of the United States. Fr. Vijay serves the parishioners of St. Ann/St. Lucy Church in Harlem, N.Y.C., working especially with the Spanish-speaking faithful of the parish.

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