Change Lives

Stopping the Cycle, Breaking the Chain

The goal of the Sponsorships at a Distance program is not to feed for a day, but to nourish a child for their lifetime. Many of the children who are in the Sponsorships program are enrolled because they were born into poverty. The cycle of poverty in the countries where we work is a vicious one; beginning before birth, and, without help, are already inescapable by the time a child is old enough to begin their education.

1,660 Children

In 2018 alone, supporters helped 1,660 children in different areas in Cameroon, Bangladesh, Myanmar, India and Thailand. That number is made up of children who would otherwise be denied an education because their parent’s lacked the money to educate them, or maybe because they lived in an area where there were no schools previously. It’s a great number, but there are another 1,870 children in our missions, across the world, that still need a sponsor’s help.

Changed Lives, Change Lives

Youth education is arguably more important than the early development learning in the mission countries where we are present. At this age, many children run the risk of being pulled from school so that they can work manual labor and support the family, that risk is greater when their education is no longer supported upon entering secondary school. However, when a sponsor does undertake this slightly more expensive commitment, it makes all the difference for the rest of a sponsorship’s life. We have had Indian orphans, sponsored for their entire education-careers, go on to become doctors. These doctors who eventually donate their services back to the very same orphanages that guided them on their journeys, when no one else would.

338 Youth

2018 saw 338 youth sponsored through our sponsorships at a distance program. 338 kids were given the last push that they needed to have a chance at entering a university, something that would be otherwise unimaginable for the children of poor farmers and day laborers. Youth education doesn’t just remove the misconceptions and restrictions that are placed on these kids from birth, it shatters them for good. The best part about Youth Sponsorships is that you can get involved in this step right away; there are still 245 young kids who need your help, a final guiding hand to lead them to a productive life, one outside the reaches of poverty.

Transforming Lives & Challenging the Normal

Disability is a concept that is often misunderstood in the mission countries where we serve. Many cultures carry varying misconceptions, but the belief is similar: disability is somehow the fault of the disabled. The hardships that these men, women, and children face can vary greatly however: from facing society’s prejudices, to being left behind to fend for themselves when a village moves. Our sponsors ensure that the training and care that is necessary for their sponsorships to be able to take care of themselves is provided to them. Sponsors give a greater gift than a hot meal and a warm place to sleep; they gift an opportunity at independence, something that can never be taken away from the recipient.

42 People with Disabilities

In 2018, our Sponsors helped 42 people (that’s young children, youth, and adults) to overcome, and live a more normal life with, their disabilities. Through partnerships with places like Angel’s Home in Bangkok, Thailand, and other PIME-led facilities in Thailand and Cameroon we have been able to transform the lives of people with speech issues, hearing loss, and cognitive disabilities just to name a few. You can join us, and give these people the chance that they were denied.

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