End Inequality

Witnesses of Charity

The PIME Missionary’s goal in his newly adopted homeland is not to force the Gospel on the people of his mission, but rather to embody it, to be a source of good in the name of Jesus Christ. Conversions are never sought after; rather, we rely on the Holy Spirit to pour out, and ignite the souls of those we help. The people of our missions lead the mission of evangelization themselves; we merely share the example of His love through missionary charity. We let them know that they are loved by Him, as they always have been.

Clean Water, a Right and a Passion

Waterborne illnesses are still one of the most prevalent problems for life in the isolated parts of the world, and since we serve the most isolated of the world, it’s one of our top priorities, too. Well-drilling, water pumps, and water filters, we do it all, whatever the need may be. We’ve helped people to have access to clean drinking water on three different continents, all professionally done, and completely sustainable by the local population or service professionals.

Go Out to all Humanity

With a sense of missionary charity as our main focus, we mean to bring humanity back to places where it may have been forced out. We provide food, shelter, education, any and all human needs, starting with the littlest members of our missions. Orphanages and hostels keep kids off the streets; out of the hands of human traffickers and all those who wish to use them for their own gains. PIME stands for social justice: medication for the sick and isolated; food and education for children living on the streets; electricity and Internet to study in the modern age.

Stopping the Spread of Disease

Leprosy (Hansen’s Disease) has been allowed to spread since the biblical age because of one thing: a lack of education. We even the playing field, taking the education and treatment straight to the rural areas where this disease still disfigures and ruins lives. We treat the person, not the disease, maintaining their humanity and that of their family. Over the years we’ve also taken to educating about the spread of HIV and AIDS. We aim to treat the sick, but we also look to prevent the spread of these illnesses for a sustainable future.

The Gift of a Future

Self-sustainability is the top priority in all of the work that we do. We don’t mean to feed a man for a day; we started farming school in the North of Cameroon to ensure that a man can feed a village for a lifetime. Trade education for adults is one of the ways that we ensure this sustainability. By teaching welding, mechanics, carpentry and other trades to those living in poverty, we gift the means to break the cycle of poverty for good. We foster independence, so that when our missionaries move on to the next mission, he leaves behind a vibrant community in his wake.

Catholic Missionaries caring for and developing communities around the world