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Register now to join us at our Advent Virtual Mission Rosary Zoom event on Wednesday, December 7, 2022, at 7 PM EST! Fr. Daniele Criscione, US Mission Center Director, will guide us as we contemplate the rosary with 5 PIME Missionaries this Advent Season.

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The Advent Virtual Mission Rosary is unique as we will not only pray the rosary with 5 PIME Missionaries, but they represent 5 different areas of the world and pray in the languages of their mission countries. Your Zoom link to join the Virtual Rosary event will be emailed to the email address you submit on the Monday before the event.

*Free mission rosaries limited to participants in the United States

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5 Decades 5 Missionaries

White Decade (Europe) – Fr. Anand Talluri, PIME

PIME Missionary in the new mission of Tunisia, Fr. Anand shares his Catholic faith indirectly by witnessing Christ’s mercy and charity. A priest in a predominantly Muslim country, Fr. Anand mainly shares the faith with those who are already Catholic and reaches out to others by focusing on inter-religious dialogue.

Blue Decade (Oceania)- Fr. Phongphan Wongarsa, PIME

The first PIME Missionary Priest from Thailand, Fr. Phong was ordained a priest in 2017, and assigned to PIME’s Mission in Hong Kong. Despite the limitations of the Pandemic, due to his working primarily with young people, he has been able to maintain activities and relationships, even at a distance.

Yellow Decade (Asia) – Fr. Paul Sunil, PIME

A PIME Missionary Priest from the Southeast of India, Fr. Sunil’s Mission Assignment is Cambodia – where he works in the capital of Phnom Penh. Fr. Sunil is a relatively new PIME Priest, being ordained in 2018.

Green Decade (Africa) – Fr. Massimo Bolgan, PIME

A PIME Missionary Priest serving in Thailand for nearly 30 years, Fr. Massimo has spent much of his ministry serving the tribal people and ethnic minorities of Northern Thailand. The PIME Missionary priest also works closely with the Sponsorships at a Distance program and with the rehabilitation of those living with disabilities.

Red Decade (Americas) – Fr. Mateus – PIME

Fr. Mateus is a Brazilian-born PIME Missionary currently serving in India. Much of his work involves helping to raise funding to educate children who would not otherwise be able to afford it – those from poor families, orphans, and other street children.

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What is the Mission Rosary?

The World Mission Rosary was envisioned by Archbishop Fulton John Sheen, then the national director of the Society for the Propagation of the Faith, in 1951. He made the request on a radio show that his listeners “Embrace the world in prayer.” To do so he introduced this Rosary.

The uniqueness of the rosary lies in the five colors represented by the beads of each decade. This rosary honors the work of mission, our call to be missionaries, and a dedication to world unity and peace. 

Each continent is represented by a different color, making it not only a beautiful rosary, but one rich in symbolism.

What do the Colors Represent?

Yellow – symbolizes Asia and the Middle East. Together we will pray for Sr. Roberta Pignone, Missionary Sister of the Immaculate (PIME Sister) in Bangladesh.

Green – symbolizes Africa. On this continent, we will pray for the work of Sr. Lucia Cavallo, Missionary Sister of the Immaculate in Cameroon.

Red – symbolizes North and South Americas. Here we will pray for Sr. Maria Garofalo, Missionary Sister of the Immaculate in Brazil.

White – symbolizes Europe. Our prayer intentions will be said for Sr. Valeria Ducatelli, Missionary Sister of the Immaculate in Italy.

Blue – symbolizes Oceania. Lastly, we will state our intentions for the work of Sr. Alessandra Camatta, Missionary Sister of the Immaculate formerly in Papua New Guinea.