A history of humble service

This year, PIME celebrate 75 years of being present in the United States. In 1947, the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions was invited to the US to expand our missionary presence by the Archdiocese of Detroit in Michigan. It was an invitation that has led to 75 years of storied service here in the US! Raising funds and support for PIME Missions around the world has always been a priority for PIME in the United States, ever since the original intention of coming to the country to find the aid necessary to mend the wounds of World War II. In this effort, a new calling to raise missionaries to enact these healing measures soon began; resulting in providing the missions with some of the most spirited missionaries they had ever witnessed.

The US PIME Mission Center -

A global impact

The US PIME Mission Center has strived to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the missions since its formation in July of 1951. Our Sponsorships at a Distance Program - which began as the Foster Parents Mission Club all the way back in 1958 - gives PIME donors in the US an opportunity to provide education and shelter for children, youth, and seminarians around the globe. Following the creation of the Sponsorships program, the current Mission Development Projects Program began as the Leprosy Relief Society in 1960. Both programs showcase the US PIME Mission Center’s relief efforts, with our goal to change the lives of countless needy men, women, and children on six continents.

75 Years of U.S. service by the numbers


Children Sponsored today


Chapels Built to date


Projects completed since 2008

PIME Sponsorships at a Distance

Across the world, there are several countries where a proper education is not provided by the government. Children and youth are overlooked in these countries and most families are unable to provide a better future for their youngest members. Similarly, those living with disabilities are often left to their own devices due to social stigmas or a lack of proper infrastructure. These are the places and people that our PIME Missionaries serve and that you can help.

PIME Sponsors provide education, housing, food, and other needs for the most vulnerable.

You can sponsor a child, youth, or someone with disabilities for just $20, $25, or $30 a month. For the cost of a streaming service subscription, you can change someone’s life permanently. Not only can you aid the most vulnerable, but also – for $250 a quarter – you can sponsor a native seminarian on his path to the priesthood.

PIME Mission Development Projects

Our Mission Development Projects are the building blocks that make up the foundation of genuine, Catholic communities that our missionaries form around the world.

PIME Mission Development Projects are focused on sustainable needs - both physical and spiritual - helping to provide for the well-being of both the current generation and future one.

These projects help provide for the most vital needs of a mission by making clean water, sustainable food, medical necessities and other fundamentals available to disadvantaged communities. Once a community’s physical needs are met, they can thrive spiritually and make the choice to be authentic Catholics; spreading the Good News themselves.

Continuing the story together

2022 marks 75 years of PIME's missionary service in the United States; during which time many PIME Missionaries have built upon a tradition that began back in 1947: helping the less fortunate around the world. An important part of the PIME presence in the United States has always been the friends that have helped us along the way, without people like you our mission to aid the isolated or ignored in 19 countries around the world would not be possible. Our anniversary of charitable aid and spiritual impact is just as much yours as it is ours. Together, we will continue to heal the wounds of violence, neglect, or intolerance through the merciful influence of the Holy Spirit.

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