Many parents in the countries where we serve are unable to afford the cost of an education as, most often, it is not provided by their government. Parents work as day laborers and, if they are lucky enough, they can make enough money to feed themselves. Un-aided children are often left to the same fate: beginning work or begging at a very early age.

Sponsors break this vicious cycle of poverty by providing for the child’s education, housing, and food. 

Sponsorships aid young children in several countries around the world, no matter how diverse their needs. Tribal children in the remote hills of Thailand live in hostels while they pursue an education; orphans in Myanmar live in compounds to protect them from human traffickers; street children in India gain a purpose through projects. Sponsors answer the cry of the most defenseless among us. Sponsor a child for $20/month or $240/annually.


Young adults from 16 to 23 often have to abandon their education in order to support their families. Thanks to our Sponsorships Program, that is no longer necessary. 

Youth who have been supported through a secondary education have gone on to University and, eventually, a career. 

Orphans in India have gone on to become doctors, all thanks to their sponsors. These children who have their lives transformed go on to do the same for others. Sponsor a youth for $25/month or $300/annually. 

People with Disabilities

Disability is a concept that is still often misunderstood in many of the countries where we missionaries serve. In some areas of the Buddhist countries of Asia, like Myanmar and Thailand, a disability is seen as a punishment for a past life. In some areas of Cameroon disability is still viewed as a demon, or evil, and children are abandoned to fend for themselves, no matter how young. Still, in other countries children simply go without the special education that they need.

Sponsors have the opportunity to help disabled persons of all ages. 

All sponsorships provide the special education necessary to help the sponsored to live with their disability, or even overcome it completely!  Sponsor a person with disabilities for $30/month or $360/annually. 


Much like our other Sponsorship opportunities, a priestly education is not something that young people can afford in other countries. Your support of a young person discerning a religious life transforms their situation completely, and gives them the opportunity to positively impact so many others.

You can be the reason for the positive impact that these religious will make with their vocation. 

Sponsor a seminarian for $250/quarter or $1,000/annually.

PIME Mission Development Projects

Our Mission Development Projects are the building blocks that make up the foundation of genuine, Catholic communities that our missionaries form around the world.

PIME Mission Development Projects are focused on sustainable needs – both physical and spiritual – helping to provide for the well-being of both the current generation and future one.

These projects help provide for the most vital needs of a mission by making clean water, sustainable food, medical necessities and other fundamentals available to disadvantaged communities. Once a community’s physical needs are met, they can thrive spiritually and make the choice to be authentic Catholics; spreading the Good News themselves.

Want to read more about these life-changing programs and those who make them a reality?

Join us in the pages of Mission World magazine – the official publication of the PIME Missionaries in the United States – as we interview 5 PIME Priests and PIME Sisters (2 each issue) who manage the missions and projects that received this tremendous aid in our 2023 series.

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