The Saints Next Door

The Saints Next Door By Fr. Piero Masolo, PIME In Algeria for the past four years, a PIME Missionary re-reads the figures of the 19 Algerian martyrs to be beatified: “I often feel that they are accompanying me.” “Our Church is experiencing an intense joy, we are given the grace of being able to remember […]


Mission in the Heart of the City

Mission in the Heart of the City Fr. Giovanni Demaria, PIME, poses for a picture with those whom he works alongside at Our Lady of Fatima in Bissau. By Emanuela Citterio In the parish of Fatima, in the Bissau Center, there is the need for faith and also daily needs. The testimony of Fr. Giovanni […]


A Mission in the Megalopolis of Tokyo

A Mission in the Megalopolis of Tokyo Fr. Andrea Lembo, PIME, works with young people to help those spiritually lost in the sprawling mega-city of Tokyo, Japan. By Emanuela Citterio Facing the challenge presented by the boys and girls of the Japanese capital means meeting them in their physical and existential places. This is the story […]


The Heart of Cameroon

The Heart of Cameroon The sun sets on the beautiful, yet wildly differing, landscape of Cameroon.This isolated corner of the world is home to one of the best cardiac centers in all of Africa. By Anna Pozzi A center of cardio surgical excellence in the Cameroon forest; here, adults and children with heart conditions have […]


My Thailand: Looking for a Future

My Thailand: Looking for a Future Young people gather to pray at Fr. Maurizio’s church, Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Lampang, Thailand. By  Giorgio Bernardelli The life of a missionary among the tribes of the mountains; where the forest today is less isolated even than a few years ago, but where there are also […]