The Missionary Farmer

The Missionary Farmer Bro. Ottorino is not one to wear a cassock, and he is never afraid to get his hands dirty, either! By Emanuela Citterio Brother Ottorino Zanatta, 68, is a PIME Missionary Brother and a farmer. He lives in Cameroon, where, in 2010, he accepted the challenge of renovating a farm that is […]


Father Marazzi: A Mission of Humility

Father Marazzi: A Mission of Humility Fr. Mario Marazzi has established a long legacy of missionary zeal and understanding in his many yearsas a missionary in Milan and Hong Kong; he refuses to let age slow his enthusiasm. By Fr. Gianni Criveller, PIME On May 22nd, Fr. Mario Marazzi, a PIME missionary in Hong Kong, […]


Schools Founded on Peace

Schools Founded on Peace The threat of Boko Haram’s war against classrooms such as this one is always looming,but the people of Cameroon refuse to let their children’s future be decimated. By Anna Pozzi The violence of Boko Haram and endemic poverty plague the Far North of Cameroon as it tries to combat these realities […]


150 Years of PIME in Myanmar

150 Years of PIME in Myanmar PIME Missionaries and local priests gathered for the Eucharist look out ona sea of 20,000 Catholics of various, regional ethinc groups. By Giorgio Bernadelli Over 20,000 Catholics of different ethnic groups participated in the anniversary celebrations of the arrival of the first PIME missionaries in 1868 in the former […]