Christian Hearts in a Land of Syncretism

Fr. Pedro Tomaselli, PIME, Brazilian PIME Missionarry in Japan. Brazilian PIME Priest, Fr. Pedro Tomaselli, PIME, carries out his daily mission just north of the modern sprawl of Tokyo. On weekdays, this means that only two people attend Holy Mass, with a maximum of 100 people showing up on Sundays. Despite the low number of […]

The Invisible Made Visible

By Fr. Giovanni Manco Threatened by globalization and by discriminatory policies historically put in place by their governments. Indigenous peoples of Latin America are now seeking a way to reassert themselves. They want their voices heard again, even in the Church. They clamor to be the leading protagonists in a “new possible world”. In many quarters […]

Enculturation is Part of the Missionary Work of PIME

By Fr. Ferdinand Komenan At long last the two volumes of the first Mixteco Grammar by Fr. Ferdinand Kouadio Komenan, PIME are in Mexico bookstores. This daring idea came to me from different, converging directions.  As a young man, at home in the Ivory Coast, I appreciated the work of two missionary priests who labored […]