Projects Supported

Food for Children in the Slums of Bangkok

PIME Missionaries have worked in the slums of Bangkok for many years – about 25 years ago they set up the “Houses of Hope,” which house, protect, and shelter around 90 children from 2-18 years of age. Food costs have skyrocketed recently, and forced the administrators to limit some choices and activities for the children.

In 2022, supporters like you helped to provide the funds needed to feed these hungry children, and allow them to enjoy extracurricular activities. In 2023, Fr. Massimo is looking for additional support to supplement and offset the costs of maintaining a schedule of three meals a day for the children in his care.

Tiles for Chapel Floor in Thailand

Huay Hyouk is a small village close to Baan Thoet Thai. A few years ago, thanks to the support of some US donors, it has been possible to build a small chapel, which is used every Sunday and during some religious celebrations.  

The Catholic Community of Huay Yuak would like to tile the floor of their chapel and have benches to attend the religious celebrations more comfortably. Benches are needed not only on the regular Sunday celebration but also during some special celebrations (for instance, Christmas, Thai New Year), when many relatives and members of the Christian community go back to Huay Yuak to spend time with family and friends. In 2022, thanks to donors like you, the community was able to complete these renovations!

Solar Panels for St. Joseph Center

The St.  Joseph Center of Phrae, Thailand, was founded with the aim of offering help to children, young people, and adults with disabilities - that are often the victims of societal and familial discrimination - so that they can become increasingly independent for future integration into Thai society.   

Thanks to help from donors like you, we were able to provide the funds for 25 solar panels to ensure that the caretakers and those housed here never need to worry about possible blackouts or high costs depriving them of other needs.

Projects That Need Your Support

The Mission Development Projects General Fund

The Mission Development Projects General Fund supports every kind of project in the missions where PIME Missionaries serve around the world. This fund is important because it supports the projects that might be left unresolved due to a lack of funding or those that need support right away. Needless to say, the general fund helps to ensure that no need, and no needy soul, is forgotten.