Projects Supported

Building of Kindergarten in Bonguera

Fr. Dorielson Drago, PIME, was seeking funding to complete the construction of a kindergarten for the children of Bonguera in his mission in the Ivory Coast. The parents' association had already collected different materials to create the project, but more support was needed to finish the three rooms that would serve as classrooms for these little ones.

Thanks to generous donors like you, Fr. Dorielson was able to construct a welcoming and safe structure for the kindergartners of this community to study and grow!

Projects That Need Your Support

The Mission Development Projects General Fund

The Mission Development Projects General Fund supports every kind of project in the missions where PIME Missionaries serve around the world. This fund is important because it supports the projects that might be left unresolved due to a lack of funding or those that need support right away. Needless to say, the general fund helps to ensure that no need, and no needy soul, is forgotten.