Projects Supported

MDI Training House Renovation

Sr. Suzanne Djebba, MDI - PIME, required financial assistance for renovations to provide a study room for the young university students and young women discerning their vocation that she housed in the city of Bissau. Seeing to the living concerns of the 15-20 young students that Sr. Suzanne is overseeing, allows them to focus on their education.

Thanks to the support of generous friends like you, Sr. Suzanne was able to fund these renovations and ensure the comfort and safety of the students in her care.

Desks for School Children

Sr. Anna Marini, MDI-PIME, works in Bissorã in Guinea Bissau. She and several other PIME Sisters manage 13 schools in Bissorã and the surrounding area villages. Recently the public education system has broken down with constant teacher strikes, creating interruptions in the continuous public education for local children.

As the schools run by the sisters are private, they have seen their enrollment increase as well as costs due to increased inflation. In 2022, Sr. Anna turned to the PIME Mission Center for support to help the sisters purchase new desks for their new students. She received the funding needed for this project! In 2023, Sr. Anna is asking for $5,733 to help the sisters purchase more desks. 

Solar Panels for Marianite Sisters

Electricity is needed twenty-four hours a day to improve the functionality of the reception and formation structure of the Sisters of the Catholic Mission of Suzana. Power is needed to use modern means of communication and the rooms for formation and activities even in the evening. In addition to preserving food for multi-day activities and, above all, to extract water from the deep well still made at the time of the presence of PIME Missionaries.

The aim of this project was to replace the old and malfunctioning system consisting of a generator and a poor solar panel system, with two efficient photovoltaic systems (one for lighting and food storage and one for the submerged pump to charge water) that guarantee sufficient energy without fuel costs and respecting the environment. Thanks to donors like you, the Sisters were able to purchase the needed solar panels!

Projects That Need Your Support

Education for Preschoolers & Kindergarteners

PIME Missionary Fr. Luigi Scantamburlo has worked in Guinea Bissau, Africa, since the 1970s. Since 2000, he has focused on bilingual Creole-Portuguese education for children, and in 2013-14 he began to implement a bilingual Creole-Portuguese learning program through the UNESCO. While the official language of the country is Portuguese, Creole is the language spoken by most.

From 2017-2020, many PIME USA supporters helped Fr. Luigi's bilingual programs for students from grade school onward. He and Sr. Maria Pereira de Lourdes also set up a bilingual preschool and Kindergarten in Bubaque, providing a strong education for the littlest learners to move forward with confidence. 

The Mission Development Projects General Fund

The Mission Development Projects General Fund supports every kind of project in the missions where PIME Missionaries serve around the world. This fund is important because it supports the projects that might be left unresolved due to a lack of funding or those that need support right away. Needless to say, the general fund helps to ensure that no need, and no needy soul, is forgotten.