Projects Supported

Children’s Hospital Equipment

The Takeo Referral Public Hospital is the only public hospital in all of Southern Cambodia. It provides around 2 million people, including poor children in rural communities, with free or low-cost medical exams and surgical procedures. The hospital’s Logistics and Administrative Coordinator, Valeria Spelta, asked our PIME Missionaries in the country for the funding to purchase a new anesthesia machine for their pediatric surgery ward. 

Thanks to generous donors like you, we were able to provide the pediatric ward with the support that they requested!

Projects That Need Your Support

The Mission Development Projects General Fund

The Mission Development Projects General Fund supports every kind of project in the missions where PIME Missionaries serve around the world. This fund is important because it supports the projects that might be left unresolved due to a lack of funding or those that need support right away. Needless to say, the general fund helps to ensure that no need, and no needy soul, is forgotten.