Projects Supported

Support for Homeless in São Paulo

In 2021, PIME Missionary Fr. Suresh Kumar Dowluri – or Fr. Bosco as he is known – became pastor of Our Lady of the Angels Parish on the outskirts of the city of São Paulo. The area around the parish is occupied by slums or “favelas,” where many people live in extreme poverty. Fr. Bosco works to deliver food baskets to those most in need. Fr. Bosco buys all the items in bulk to create his own baskets according to the needs of the families.

In 2022, the PIME Missionary requested desperately needed funding for this vital aid work. He received it thanks to donors like you! In 2023, Fr. Bosco needs $11,420 to make and deliver baskets for 400 families in the slums of his parish.

Support for Community Coordinators in the Amazon

PIME Missionary Fr. Raul Bonte Có works in the Amazon in Brazil. His parish, Our Lady of Navigators, is located at the mouth of the Amazon river among hundreds of islands. The parish encompasses about 20,000 people in 121 villages.

Due to this remote and harsh environment, they must go out and meet the people where they are. For this purpose, Fr. Raul requested assistance to support this pastoral outreach in 2022. Support that he received thanks to friends like you! Fr. Raul still needs help in 2023 to reach out to these needy and isolated people.

Other Projects That Need Your Support

The Mission Development Projects General Fund

The Mission Development Projects General Fund supports every kind of project in the missions where PIME Missionaries serve around the world. This fund is important because it supports the projects that might be left unresolved due to a lack of funding or those that need support right away. Needless to say, the general fund helps to ensure that no need, and no needy soul, is forgotten.