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General Works

"If we keep life only for ourselves, then it withers. Life is radiant from the moment we give it to others.” - Blessed Clement Vismara, PIME

How do our missionary priests and brothers serve the poor in 17 countries, bringing them hope, healing and the Gospel message?

They don’t do it alone.

The PIME Missionaries rely on our benefactors to pray for us, raise mission awareness, and provide for the very real needs of our missions. “General Works” refers to the primary works of our missionaries – the most important way that we touch the lives of the poor all over the world. There are great needs in our missions that must be provided for, needs that are not always met through our other programs.

When you provide for General Works, you are helping the PIME Missionaries become as effective as possible in completing their mission in:

• Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ

• Healing hearts and bodies

• Sustaining new Catholic communities

• Providing for the physical needs of missionaries and those they serve

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