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“If we keep life only for ourselves, then it withers. Life is radiant from the moment we give it to others.” The Blessed Fr. Clement Vismara, PIME


Consider this: YOU can create a legacy that will ensure that the good works of the PIME Missionaries continue!

By making the PIME Missionaries a beneficiary in your will, you can continue to enrich the lives of others for years to come.

You can be assured that your generosity will benefit the poor, those who Jesus assured us “would always be with us.” Your kindness will never be forgotten.

When you choose to remember PIME when drawing up your will, please use this wording:

“I give and bequeath to the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions (PIME) Inc., United States Region” the sum of $_________"

If you wish to designate a particular department as the beneficiary (i.e. Foster Parents - Adoptions at a Distance, Missionary Medical Relief, etc.) please be sure to include that information.




“I knew the Gospel. I loved it. I put it into practice. But I could not keep it in my heart only for myself.” The Blessed Fr. Clement Vismara, PIME


Did you know that you can assist the work of the PIME Missionaries while making a sound financial investment?

The PIME Missionaries offer an Annuity Plan that gives our benefactors an opportunity to do something extraordinary: fund the work of missionaries around the world while earning a guaranteed fixed income for life.

The Annuity Plan was devised with two goals in mind. We sought to create for our benefactors an opportunity to earn an annual income that is partially tax-deferred. Additionally, your funds will be available to us after your passing so that we may use them for missionary work.

Again, you have an opportunity for stewardship – a chance to create a legacy.

How the PIME Annuity Plan works:

NAME: Mrs. Jane Sample

AGE: 65

GIFT AMOUNT: $10,000 ANNUITY RATE (determined by age at time of donation) 5.3% CHARITABLE DEDUCTION: $3108

ANNUAL INCOME: $530 ($347 tax-free; $183 taxable)

Mrs. Sample invests $10,000 in the PIME Annuity Plan. She earns an immediate charitable deduction of $3108. PIME will pay her an annual income of $530. Of this amount, $347 is tax-free. The remaining $183 is treated as ordinary income.


Please contact us if you need more information about the planned giving options offered by the PIME Missionaries.

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