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Give Children the Gift of Hope








Half the world's children live in poverty

That’s one billion children who live below the poverty level. Many do not receive adequate health care or education. Often they go without nutritious food, or even clean water.

The statistics are disturbing, more disturbing is the thought that there is no way to help them. It is easy to think “I am just one person.  What can I do to help one billion children?”

Try helping just one.

The PIME Missionaries invite you to help one child by becoming a foster parent through their Foster Parents/Adoptions at a Distance program.  One child at a time, PIME Foster Parents has been assisting children in developing countries since 1958.  Through the generosity of people like you, they have helped thousands of children receive medical treatment, clothing, good food, schooling, and loving care.

Foster Parents pledge $15 a month to help support a child in the missions. Yes, for just 50 cents a day, a child will be provided with many of the necessities we take for granted. But most importantly, that child will know that someone loves and cares for him or her. One little boy or girl will have hope.


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