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In the remote villages of developing countries, Catholic communities are forming. Led by the Spirit, joined by grace, they are much like Catholic parish families the world over. Like us, they meet to worship, support one another, and grow as a community. Unfortunately, they lack a “luxury” most of us take for granted: a building in which to gather. There are no marble altars or padded kneelers in their chapels. Instead, humble, unsafe dwellings with mud floors and thatched roofs house their liturgies. The Chapel Building Program of the PIME Missionaries exists to help them build the chapels they need.


Over 2000 simple, functional structures have been built by the PIME Missionaries in cooperation with our Catholic brothers and sisters in mission countries. The chapels are also used for catechism classes, community meetings and shelter in case of emergencies. As more and more Catholic communities form in the missions, more chapels are needed. It’s a happy problem to have, but we need your help. You can provide for the building of a chapel, and even have it dedicated in memory of a loved one. If necessary, we can design a payment plan for you. Contact us to find out how you can be a part of building the Church – literally – in a developing country.


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